Custom Designed Sticks

Custom Designed Sticks

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At, we go beyond custom printing and logo design.  We can manufacture sticks from start to finish which meet your personal needs.  

Design your own stick.

For example, maybe you’d like a round tip with a thicker neck than what the market brands provide?  We can do that.  Just tell us what stick you use now for reference.  Then, tell us what you’d like to change.  We’ll send you a photo of the prototype for your approval.  Once we have the final design, we will make as many pairs as you’d like.

Our Minimum Order Is Only 4 Pairs!

Custom Printing

We will print your logo, signature, band name, etc at no extra charge.  Need a logo? We can design one for you, free of charge!

Getting Started

To get started, fill out the order form below.  At checkout, use the “add a note to your order” field to describe your ideal stick.  Tell us what your current favorite is and what you’d like to change.  Once we have the prototype done, we’ll message you with photos for approval.  When the design is okayed and finalized, we will begin manufacturing.


If, for any reason, we are unable to create a prototype that meets your specs prior to filling your order, we will issue a full refund.

We are unable to offer refunds on orders once they ship.  However, if there are any issues with your sticks once they arrive, please email us ASAP and we will work with you to find a solution.